High School is a time for students to discover their identity, and to learn and grow from their experiences. The valuable lesson that I learned in high school was to stay true to yourself and beliefs and to surround yourself with positive people who help you grow.
The first lesson that I learned was how to stay true to yourself. During my freshman year in high school. It was difficult for me to find friends because my close friends from middle school went to a different high school. I was trying hard to fit into groups that I never really felt comfortable in. I remember one time a group of my ‶friends″ told me to ‶watch their things″, at the round table. They never came back until the end of lunch. After I joined badminton, I was able to find friends that had the same interests and I was able to be myself in. I was happy that I didn′t stay in that group because if I had then I wouldn′t be truly happy.
The second lesson that I learned was staying true to my beliefs. I use to be the kind of person to say many bad things behind someone′s back. Even though it was fun to gossip, something never felt right. It wasn′t until my close friendship almost ended that I learned my lesson to not backstab someone. During my sophomore year in badminton, these beliefs were tested. A few months after badminton season had started, our team decided to throw a potluck party. After we had finished eating, we started to watch a movie while a few of us went upstairs to hang out. Not to long after, two people started to talk about one of our teammates. I didn′t know her too well, but I still considered her my friend. They called her names and said she was annoying. I felt bad but I decided to join in because I wanted to fit in. After I quit badminton, the thing that I regretted the most was never sticking up for her. The year after, my beliefs were tested once again. While I was doing homework in class, the person sitting next to me began saying some really cruel things about another person. At first, I hesitated to say something but I did anyways. I stuck up for someone I knew. It′s sad that even the most genuinely kind person can be backstabbed. You beliefs are going to be constantly tested. But It′s your choice to stand up for what you think is right.
The third lesson that I learned was to surround yourself with positive people who can help you grow. True friends are people who want the best for you and who will be with despite your flaws. I learned the definition of toxic friendships during my junior year. My friends were constantly joking around about my acne and chubbiness. I personally think a little teasing is okay but there is a line where things can get overboard. Even when I felt sad they didn′t comfort me. I learned that it′s okay to leave these relationships behind.
There are a lot of things to learn in high school. All your beliefs and identities will always be tested and challenged. Even when things get hard, make sure to stay true to who you are.