In our generation, social media and other forms of technology are constantly promoting narcissism. Whenever we see something great in someone else′s life on our feeds, we would often wonder, ‶I wish I were them.″ However, the underlying emotion that everyone has in this generation (even the narcissistic people) shapes their insecurities. The reason why people have insecurities is because of fear of acceptance from others. These insecurities that we have are constantly on our minds. ‶Why am I not pretty enough?″ or ‶Why do I have so much acne?″ If you take a closer look, we have these thoughts constantly on our minds because at one point or another, someone has said those words. Sometimes even now our closest friends, may say those hurtful words about you or someone else. It′s easy to be use to these thoughts on our minds; however, it′s easier to overcome these insecurities if we know where these thoughts come from. Try to write down every single time you think of your insecurities. It will surprise you how mean our thoughts can be.
On the topic of friends who point out your insecurities. As I mentioned in the topic of friendship, true friends accept who you are. If they base your friendship around your looks and insecurities, you don′t need these friends in your life. I know that this is a blunt statement, but this is how you know if someone is genuine or not.

Making Mistakes

Many people emphasize on the importance of junior year because it is an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to take challenging courses. On top of this, you have to show that you are able to balance extracurricular activities. There are many people that I know who become overwhelmed with a ton of stress and eventually make many mistakes. These mistakes sometimes can include: their grades dropping significantly, discontinuing an extracurricular, etc. Because of these tiny mistakes, some people start to have depressing thoughts. They might think that their life is over just because they don′t have a desirable reputation on their college application. People at this point also tend forget the whole purpose of college. College is to prepare you you for your potential career. Even though a prestigious name on your job application may sound good, your skills and connections are what matter the most.
The point that I am trying to make is that not everyone is perfect. People will make mistakes one way or another. Just because you don′t get into you dream school does not mean that you′re whole career or life is over. The important thing to learn from these mistakes is how to pick yourself up and try again. You′re stronger than you know.

Balance Family Life

Students come from a variety of family backgrounds, cultures, and identifications. You may come from a rowdy house of multiple siblings, a single-parent house, a household with both parents, a house where your guardians aren′t parents, or other various household situations. The question that arises is: ‶How do I balance my family-life with school?″ Troubles and dilemmas from school already makes a hefty pile, but what about the home additions? Maybe you have commitments to watch over your siblings while sacrificing precious free-time and studying-time. Maybe your parents need help with their store, so the first thing you do once the school day ends is to work at the store to keep it running. Maybe you′re living in a new household where warming up to the other people in the house is difficult. It′s always going to be a battle in one case or another. Family life is a large part of your personal life, thus it physically and socially affects the way you live. If your family life overwhelms you, try to rely on friends, teachers, counselors, and other helpful sources. By discussing family problems with trusted people, they can give you advice, listen to you, and aid you in handling them. Also, by practicing positive communication with the members in your household, complications will lesson and better relationships will blossom.

Developing Character

As you′re walking through school, how do people describe you? Artistic? Studious? Quiet? Comedic? When you′re in highschool, you will be surrounded by many other students who have more or less an idea of who you are. Of course, worrying about what other people think of you definite hurts your character more than helping it, but what about utilizing that feature to positively develop you? Analyze your current character and pick out your inner flaws. Do you tend to be selfish? Prideful? Arrogant? Cynical? Lazy? If you feel that people are unwilling to warm up to you and/or that you′re just as cold to them, examine your character. There is always a part of the character that can be adjusted to what you want it to be; trade the negative traits for positive traits! In highschool, you are constantly surrounded by people who you will see at a daily basis, so develop favorable relationships by opening yourself to people you feel will return the same warmth.