Random List of Advice

1. Try to minimize the amount of tardies and absences you get each year. It will be a pain in the arse in the long run.
2. Greet your teachers whenever you enter the class. That way, they will know who you are.
3. Make sure to eat something throughout the day. School days are long and tiring, so get some fuel into your body.
4. If you are walking in a crowded area trying to get to another class, get through it fast or you will be trapped there forever.
5. Rely on your locker and use it like a second backpack.
6. Some teachers hardly require the class textbooks, so take them home and bring it to school when necessary.
7. Carry your I.D everywhere. You might need it anytime.
8. Go to the restroom during passing periods or during free time in class. Snack and lunch time can be pretty crowded in the restrooms.
9. If someone is being an idiot, ignore them. Don't give them the satisfaction that you care.
10. Carry a water bottle or a canteen around school. It'll help you stay hydrated.
11. If you make eye contact with a stranger, just smile. 98 % of the time they will smile back!
12. If you love music, always bring your earbuds/headphones to listen during school. Listen when you have time.
13. Don't be that person who always asks for pens or pencils. Once in a while, it's alright.
14. Keep some tissues in your backpack in case of emergency runny noses.

Materials You Will/May Need

1. Bag/Backpack
2. Regular Writing Utensils
3. Highlighters and a Sharpie
4. Scissors
5. I.D Card
6. Sunblock/Lotion
7. Paper
8. Phone
9. Tissues
10. Bandaids
11. Alcohol/Disinfecting Wipes
12. Candy/Mints/Gum
13. Hair Ties
14. Calculator
15. Agenda
16. Folders
17. Binders
18. Erasers
19. Hand Sanitizer
20. Rubber Bands

Did You Know

1. 67 % of students like school.
2. Mosquitofish can only count to 100.
3. Kiwi birds can remember a bad memory for 5 years.
4. Female crickets cannot chirp.
5. Monk seals cannot dream underwater.
6. Giraffes sleep 3 hour a night.
7. Frogs can close their ears.
8. Roadrunners make themselves cry to get rid of excess salt.
9. Worms have five hearts.
10. It takes a banana slug 24 hours to get somewhere a block away.