Why do clubs exist? Clubs exist in order to create communities where interests and relationships are cultivated. Joining clubs in high school allows you to find people who share the same hobbies and fascinations. Club categories that schools may have include, ‶Special Interests″, ‶Academic″, ‶Culture″, and ‶Community Service″. If you′re anxious to join as many clubs as you can, beware of being overwhelmed by club activities. Make a reasonable limit of clubs to join, because you still have to make time for studies and other non-club commitments. Join clubs that you would like to thrive in and clubs that would make you more well-rounded. ‶Academic″ and ‶Community Service″ clubs can help you obtain scholarships and volunteering hours within the club. Also, if you′re eager to create a club of your own, make sure to choose an enthusiastic advisor who will aid the progress of the club. The first year of a new club can be difficult, but through determination and dedication your club will be able to flourish. When selecting officers or applying to be an officer for a club, the potential officer should be able to benefit the club more than create havoc. As a club member, aid the club by being ardent in their activities and events. By participating in clubs, you will meet new friends and take part in activities and events that you are interested to do.


When it comes to the topic of internships, most of my peers tend want internships mainly to on their college applications. They also overlook the whole purpose of internships. There are many things to know about internships. The first thing to know is that internships helps you discover what you want or don′t want in your career. For example, you may be interested in psychology but then after taking an internship you may realize that it wasn′t right for you. If you hadn′t taken that internship then you would′ve gone down a path that you didn′t enjoy. If you′re in the process of looking for an internship, the second thing to know is knowledge and passion. Most companies would rather hire a student who is passionate about their company rather than a person who doesn′t show interest but went to a famous college. Internships are also a great way to make connections to an industry that you are interested in. Although internships are helpful in your college applications, make sure to focus more on learning about the industry before completely entering it.

Sports (Badminton)

I joined badminton during my freshman year of highschool. Before that, I started out playing badminton with my brother in our front yard when I was in elementary school. During this time, my brother played on our school′s team. As a result, I found some interest in the sport.
For me, badminton was a way to make friends and socialize. I was very happy that I joined our team because there were many great memories that were made. Although the conditioning and boot camps was torture, the valuable lesson that I learned was how to work together as a team. Whenever we struggled to run intervals across the gym under 4 seconds or suicides, we helped each other push through. I remember during our CIF semi-finals against Long Beach Poly, everyone on our team came and cheered by slamming cardboard tubes together. Even though we lost, by one game, they were still very supportive. These are memories that I will never forget.
After my sophomore year, I made the decision to quit badminton. Even with all of these great memories, I still experienced many issues that contributed my decision. The first issue was that my grades started to drop significantly. Every single day practice ended at 6:30 PM. By the time I went home, I was too exhausted to do homework. On top of this, I had to constantly miss my fifth and sixth periods. Therefore, I was present for new notes or homework. The second reason was that I quit was because it hindered my time for clubs. For most sports at our school, they call for all you time and dedication. For me, that meant that I wasn′t able to go to any events after school for my club. My coaches were never flexible to allow me to go to tutoring or events. On tops of this, I didn′t feel like the practices helped us improve. All we did was play games.
However, these are personal experiences. I know many people who still enjoy the community and were able to balance their schedules very well. Sports were just something that I chose to sacrifice. Even though I had experienced many ups and downs in badminton, I would never trade any of my experiences or memories because I learned many valuable lessons.